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For questions regarding organizations or this form, please contact the Clan Chair at clans@sahga.org.

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Organizational Membership
Organizational members receive one free 10'X10' booth space, one free 8' table rental, five free chairs for rent, and two free entry wristbands for the Highland Games Event. If ordering a 10'X10' booth space, the included table, chairs, and wristbands do not need to be added to this form - only the booth space and any additional tables, chairs, and wristbands requested. A 10'X20' booth space may be purchased by organizational members for $15.00, which includes rental of one free table and 5 chairs and a total of three free entry wristbands. Additional tables and chairs may be rented for $10 each and $1 each, respectively. Extra entry wristbands may be purchased for $5 each.
Organizational Membership
10'X10' space is included with membership. Additional booth area can be purchased for a fee. 10'X20' space includes the 10'x10' space included with membership, plus an adjacent 10'x10' space for a fee of $15.
10'X20' Clan Booth Space for organizational members of SAHGA
8' Table
Extra Wristbands - Clans
Limited numbers of 10'X10' Cinder Block booths are available. If you are requesting a Cinder Block booth for your 10'X10' space, check the box below and one will be provided to you, if available. Note, that these cinder block booths are not available for 10'x20' spaces.
Request Cinder Block Booth?

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