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Athletics Rules

Athletics Rules

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Dear Athletes:

The time is upon us for another great heavy athletics competition at the San Antonio Highland Games which will be held at the Helotes Fairgrounds. Highland Games World Champion James Parman is the Head Judge and Announcer.

You are responsible for your own lunch as the games will provide water and Gatorade. I will have a couple of tents and plenty of chairs set up for the athletes but you are more than welcome to set up a tent for yourself and family. Feel free to bring in a cooler if you want. DO NOT drive onto the fairgrounds to drop your stuff off. Come in and use my golf cart to go out to your car and pick it up.

1. All Amateur A, B,and Master's Class athletes MUST wear a KILT and KILT HOSE. You will receive a T shirt with your entry and will be required to wear it on the field.

2. All Decisions of the Judges and Athletic Director are final. NASGA/SHA rules will be used for judging.

3. Athletes will be expected to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner, maintaining a friendly and respectful attitude toward the public, officials and other competitors.

Please complete the entry form and waiver and get it back to me by March 23, 2018 so I can have an accurate t-shirt count. Any entry received after the deadline will have a $10 addition to the fee IF approved by the AD.


A & B class: braemar stone, open stone, 56# weight for distance, 28# weight for distance, 22# hammer, caber (qualifier and completion),56# weight over bar, and 16# sheaf.

Masters class: braemar Stone, open Stone, 42# weight for distance, 28# weight for distance, 16# hammer, caber (qualifier and competition), 42# weight over bar, and 16# sheaf.

C class: caber toss, light weight for distance, braemar stone, weight over bar, and light hammer throw.
Novice athletes: I am pleased to offer you a FREE clinic by James Parman. After this clinic your competition will begin. The clinic is required for the Novice athletes.

Feel free to contact me anytime at athletics@sahga.org or (210) 380-4435

Ed Cosner
Athletics Director
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