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Village Weaver

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Have you ever wondered how tartans (and other fabrics) were created before mills and factories existed? Come see how to hand weave fabric as it has been done for thousands of years. Try spinning yarn with your own hands, and see how yarn is then transformed into beautiful cloth.

Both drop spindles (one of the oldest forms of spinning tools) and a historical reproduction spinning wheel are used to show you just how raw fibers are spun into yarn. Ask us where Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger! Learn how various fibers – cotton, wool, flax and others – are prepared for spinning. Spin your own yarn on one of our drop spindles.

See how a tartan cloth is woven on a hand-built 1700’s reproduction floor loom and try weaving for yourself on a simple loom.

The Village Weaver (Debbi Rutherford and team) offers continuous demonstrations and participation in spinning and weaving during both days of the Games.
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