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Bluebonnet Scottish Country Dancers

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The Bluebonnet Scottish Country Dancers have practiced this lively dance form for almost 25 years in San Antonio. We perform regularly at the Texas Folklife Festival, the Texas State Fair in Dallas, the San Antonio Highland Games, as well as private events and parties.

Scottish Country Dance is a centuries-old social dance form that continues to thrive today. It combines culture, music, heritage, a physical workout, and a friendly social setting all in one. The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society boasts 170 branches and 366 affiliated groups on nearly every continent. Dances draw from a vast repertoire of figures and formations danced in sets of three or four couples. The music ranges from fast-tempo jigs and reels to slow and stately strathspeys -- a style unique to Scotland. Dancers of all ages and abilities can participate.

The Bluebonnets meet every Sunday at the International Folk Culture Center at Our Lady of the Lake University from 3 to 6 p.m. Newcomers are always welcome. For more information contact SanAntonioSCD@gmail.com.
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