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Highland Dance

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Scottish Highland Dancing, is the traditional solo dancing of Scotland. In the past, Scottish regiments used Highland Dancing as a form of exercise for the troops. Today, Highland Dancing is still used by the Black Watch Regiment as a form of physical training, and it's an integral part of Highland Games throughout the world.

Highland dancing requires a great deal of skill, strength, and endurance to perform the complicated footwork on the balls of the feet, in conjunction with upper body, arm, and hand movements. It also provides dancers with the opportunity to build self-confidence, discipline, determination and athletic ability while promoting the preservation of our Scottish culture.

Dancers are divided into age groups and compete in one of five categories. Primary (age 6 & under), Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, and Premier. The traditional Highland dances they compete in include the Highland Fling, Sword Dance, Seann Triubhas, Reels, Irish Jig, Sailor's Hornpipe, or other national dances. Dancers are judged on timing, technique, and deportment in each dance. Depending upon the number of dancers in each group and discretion of the adjudicator, dancers are then awarded 1st -6th place in each dance. The overall winner of 4 dances in each category will receive a trophy. Primary (age 6 & under) receive medals and ribbons only.

Dancers have traveled from various parts of Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Utah, Colorado, and Tennessee to compete at the San Antonio Highland Games. We look forward to hosting the 2024 Highland Dance Competition and welcoming dancers from all over the United States.

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Congratulations to our top winners from the 2023 San Antonio Highland Games on April 1st.

Primary- Giselle Perez
Beginner 8 -Everleigh Reed
Beginner 9 -Aaliyah Atri
Beg 10 & U 12 -Olivia Bishop
Beg 15 & Over -Maryn Wise
Novice -Eva Enriquez-Sanders
Inter -Norah Watts
Most Promising Beginner- Aaliyah Atri
Most Promising Novice -Mia Gillis
Premier U 12 -Jay Ritchie
Premier U 17 -Anika Harpavat
Premier 17 & Over -Margaret Pinkerton
Dancer of the Day- Anika Harpavat
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