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Welcome Volunteers

The Highland Games is a fun-filled weekend for all ages. Guests can watch the incredible feats of strength by competitors who travel the globe to participate in our Heavy Scottish Athletics and a world-class Highland Dance Competition. We offer three stages of musical entertainment along with storytelling and traditional Celtic dancing. Guests can explore the festival grounds to see merchants selling traditional Celtic wares including jewelry, tartans, swords, and art. Our guests enjoy bringing their children to the Kid's Glen for fun and exciting games exploring Scottish traditions. Unique to our festival are the Celtic dogs on display, and of course, one can't miss all the wonderful traditional living history demonstrations throughout the event.

We could not put on a successful event year after year without the countless hours of our amazing volunteers. Volunteering is a great way to meet committee members and build lasting friendships. It’s also a great way to immerse yourself in the pageantry & excitement of athletics, music, dance, and more! Volunteers who sign up for a 3-hour shift receive a weekend pass to enjoy the festival.

Open Volunteer Positions

Grounds Set Up – Friday only

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There is a lot of work to get a festival set up. We erect tents, distribute tables, unload supplies, and move around trash bins. The setup is hard work - but you get to attend the festival all weekend and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Opening Grounds Support – Saturday only

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This position will put the final touches on the festival grounds before we open. These tasks can include ensuring trash barrels are turned over with bags, delivering ice and water to all stages, checking signage, and safety walk of the grounds.

Information Booth/Volunteer Check-In

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Information Booth: This position is the "face" of the Highland Games. The Information Booth is located at the main gate for entry and exit. You will provide maps/schedules to guests. We will give you all the information you need to succeed in this position.

Volunteer/VIP Check-in: This is an opportunity to meet and greet our amazing volunteers. You will check in volunteers, manage shift assignments, and pass out information.

Merchandise Booth

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This position assists guests with purchasing merchandise from the festival. Merchandise includes t-shirts, pint glasses, Welsh cakes, and more.

Raffle Support

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This fun position supports our raffle fundraiser. Volunteers will sell tickets, answer questions about drawings, help with drawings, and provide winners with their prizes.

Athletics Assistant

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The Scottish Heavy Athletics is the center of the festival. Athletic Assistance will be helping judges with measuring throws. Please keep in mind that the weights, stones, hammers, and cabers are very heavy. You need to be very alert on the field. NO CELL PHONES ON THE FIELD OR YOUNG CHILDREN (15& up only).

Ticket Booth

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This position sells entry tickets for the Highland Games.

Ticket Taking

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This job entails scanning QR codes for online tickets, taking tickets for onsite tickets, explaining how to use the online map/schedule, and stamping guests’ hands for re-entry.

Beer Ticket Sales

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This job sells tickets for the purchase of beer. There is only one place on the grounds to purchase beer tickets, so this can be a busy spot.

Kids Glen

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The Kid's Glen includes activities intended for kids from 3 to 9 years old. Activities can include painting, paper crafts, haggis toss, and more hands-on educational activities.

Volunteer Event Photographer

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Using their own cameras, volunteers take photos and/or videos of the festival from their perspective. Volunteers provide photos to Highland Games for future marketing and online galleries.

Stage Manager

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We have 3 stages with back-to-back performers throughout the weekend. This position provides support to performers and sound engineers and announces upcoming acts.

Grounds Clean Up – Monday only

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Lunch will be provided with an awesome view of the Solar Eclipse.

There is much work to get a festival set up and torn down. We erect/put away tents, distribute/pick tables, unload/load supplies, and move around trash bins. The setup/teardown is hard work - but you get to attend the festival all weekend and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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