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Storytelling - possibly the oldest human art form . For centuries people have sat and talked and told, the stories of their culture, their values and morals, their youth and lives. Storytellers from the San Antonio Storytellers Association have been regaling audiences at the San Antonio Highland Games with tales of dragons and battles won and battles lost, of sorcerers and magical happenings, of tricks played and tricks uncovered, rollicking tales of country folk, tall tale, ancient legends, and downright lies.

Stories are for all ages; they can entertain, excite and delight. Storytellers at the Highland games bring stories from a variety of cultures: Celtic, Old American, Pioneer, Chinese, World…. Storytellers who have entertained visitors to the Highland Games in the past have included Jane McDaniel, David Thompson, Lucinda Wise and Lorene Stillwell.

Stay tuned for our 2024 storytellers!

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